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From our beginnings, as Lead Certification skilled work, we specialized in the food industry acredictada www.enac.es ENAC certification of the main European standards Globalgap and Integrated Production. We offer our experience in the inspection, auditing, certification and quality control of food products. Thanks to our extensive experience in different areas of the food industry, we can ensure our current and potential customers a reliable and timely service, and we have the trained staff and the necessary infrastructure to provide services of high technical level. For more information about the standards that certify, request it and we will provide you with the certification procedure. Contact us.
GlobalGAP Certification www.globalgap.com
Accredited Integrated Production Certification
Export to third countries Accredited programs Agricultural Ministery Authorization
Mercadona Benchmark Certification
Zero Waste Certification
Traceability Systems Certification
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Certification
Product Quality Inspections
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